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Transmission Replacement Service

Toyota Transmission Replacement Service

Transmission Replacement Service in St. Joseph, MO

Your vehicle’s transmission is vital to the functioning of your vehicle. This requires periodic transmission fluid exchange services, which you can have done at Rolling Hills Toyota. However, sometimes issues arise that require the replacement of the entire transmission. When you need your Toyota vehicle’s transmission replaced, there is nowhere else to look in the St. Joseph, Missouri area than Rolling Hills Toyota. Our Toyota Certified Technicians have worked on countless vehicles just like yours, so you know you’re in good hands with any transmission problem.

What are some signs my transmission may need to be replaced or serviced?

One of the core functions of your Toyota vehicle’s transmission is to shift gears, both up and down, smoothly and efficiently. When this function begins to break down, then you know it’s time to take your vehicle into the trusted Toyota Certified Technicians here at Rolling Hills Toyota. Specifically, you may encounter the following signs: jerking in and out of gears, falling out of a gear while driving, and your transmission shifting gears for no reason. Beyond gear shifting issues, you may also encounter the following symptoms of transmission issues:

  • smell of burned transmission fluid – this indicates gears are grinding and burning fluid due to excess friction
  • grinding – this can be an indicator your transmission’s gears are not functioning correctly
  • leaking transmission fluid – when you see spots of leaking fluid on your driveway, this is usually an indicator of a transmission issue

Why should I have my transmission replaced at Rolling Hills Toyota?

If you experience any of the above-listed symptoms, then you should contact Rolling Hills Toyota immediately. Should you need your transmission replaced, whether in St. Joseph, Savannah, Dearborn, or Cameron you can trust our Toyota Certified Technicians to get your transmission replaced promptly and professionally. We also pride ourselves upon our community-centered approach to business, by ensuring our service does not end at the customer, but continue out into the community. When you do business with Rolling Hills Toyota in St. Joseph, Missouri, you are helping to support an active member of the business community.

Why can’t I get my transmission replaced at my local repair shop?

When you get your transmission replaced at Rolling Hills Toyota in St. Joseph, Missouri, you are guaranteed that you are receiving parts optimized for your Toyota vehicle. You can also rest assured your transmission will be replaced by experienced Toyota Certified Technicians. While you wait, you can also take advantage of our spacious, welcoming waiting area. Sit back and relax by enjoying our free Wi-fi and other goodies. For instance, we have premium coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water, and snacks while you wait. Say goodbye to the cramped waiting rooms and stale coffee of your local repair shop and wait in comfort while your transmission is replaced by Toyota Certified Technicians at Rolling Hills Toyota.

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