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Rear Differential Service

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Toyota Rear Differential Service in St. Joseph, MO

The automotive differential is a lesson in complex mechanisms underlying your vehicle’s performance – its ability to turn corners smoothly. When a car must turn a corner, the outside drive wheel must travel at a slightly higher speed and greater distance compared to the inner wheel. The differential is the mechanical device that adjusts the opposing wheels’ speed so that you get a smooth driving experience inside the cabin. When the Rear Differential is at peak performance, this adjustment happens without the driver’s input. The Rear Differential simply does its job; however, if you develop a problem with the differential, you’ll know about it quickly because of the noise it typically causes.

Warning Sign of a Rear Differential Malfunction: Noise

Noise is the telltale sign that you have a faulty rear differential. Depending on the nature of the wear and tear and the component included, the noisy sound may differ. If a rear differential gear has a broken tooth, then the sound might be a subtle ticking as the gear turns and the missing tooth impacts other parts. As the problem grows worse, so will the noise. Clunking, whining, or grinding are words commonly used to describe a rear differential with moderate to severe damage. As the damage gets worse, it will eventually cause the Rear Differential to fail, and you’ll be left stranded with an immovable Toyota car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV.

What Happens During a Rear Differential Service?

The objective of rear differential service is to restore the differential and your driving experience to factory specifications and peak performance. The service begins at our service department with one of our Toyota certified technicians, a certified Toyota rear differential service protocol, genuine Toyota approved replacement parts as needed, and genuine Toyota approved differential fluid. The Toyota certified technician will inspect the entire rear differential assessing all components including bearings, gears, rings, washers, caps, yoke, casing, shafts, and pinion. Rolling Hills Toyota is conveniently located in St. Joseph near Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron, Missouri.

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