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Tire Rotation Service

Tire Rotation Service

Toyota Tire Rotation Service in St. Joseph, MO

Getting your tires rotated is something that is often overlooked by motorists, but it is a very important thing to do on several levels. Often times people will combine a tire rotation with an oil change on their Toyota at Rolling Hills Toyota in St. Joseph, MO. Tire rotation is a simple matter of taking your tires off your car and putting them on in different locations. It is labor-intensive so most people don't try to do this themselves. Dealerships have the equipment and tools to do this very efficiently.

One reason it gets overlooked is that tires are sometimes bought somewhere other than the dealership, so there could be a breakdown in communication. Getting your tires rotated regularly will help them last longer, so you will probably save more than you would have to spend on new tires. Tires wear unevenly, and rotating them helps spread the wear around. Different weights in front and back are a major cause of uneven wear, which rotation prevents. Improperly inflated tires also make tires wear unevenly.

Why You Should Get Your Tires Rotated

Safety is another reason to get your tires rotated. A tire that wears evenly, as a rotated one would, gets better traction. Well-rotated tires help the tires stay inline, and makes the car more responsive to steering and braking. Also when you get your tires rotated they can be checked for leads and for balance, which makes you safer and prolongs the life of the tire as well.

You could take a chance and ignore rotating your tires, and many people do. If you want to get the most out of your tires and be as safe as you can be, it is a good idea to get tires rotated regularly. The warranty with your tires should tell you how often to get them rotated. Some tire manufacturers require regular rotation to keep the warranty in effect.

Why Rolling Hills Toyota

Getting your tires rotated at Rolling Hills Toyota in St. Joseph, MO is a place where you can be sure the job is done right. We can do the rotation to the standards of a Toyota than anyone else. You can be confident that your tires will be rotated the correct way. We will also make sure they are balanced and that the air pressure is correct. Keeping the correct air pressure is also important and can change as the seasons change. Whether you are in St. Joseph, Savannah, Dearborn, Cameron or anywhere in our area, stop by the service department at Rolling Hills Toyota today and get your tires checked. You will make your tires last longer and you will be even safer.

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