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Shock & Strut Service

Shock & Strut Service

Toyota Shock & Strut Service in St. Joseph, MO

Keeping your car in good repair is a must. Knowing what services your car might need and where to get them is a fantastic way to make sure your car is running great. For those that require shocks and struts, a certified Toyota service department is the way to go.

What Is a Shock and Strut Service?

Shocks are essential to any car as they help to absorb the shock or shifting that occurs when you drive over the road. Potholes, speed bumps, and various other variances in the road surface are all lessened by your shocks and struts. Your shocks and struts are all part of the suspension system of your car that keep it up off the chassis and keep it going down the road. Without your shocks and struts, you are in for a very bumpy ride. Replacement of these parts is essential after your car has been driven for a time and generally your maintenance schedule will suggest when the best time to replace shocks and struts is.

Why Should I Have a Shock and Strut Service Done?

Getting your shocks and struts replaced is a must if you want a smooth ride and maximum control of your car. Without shocks and struts, your car is going to rock and rattle when you go over bumps and is going to be very uncomfortable overall.

What Happens If I Postpone a Shock and Strut Service?

Without having your service done you can come up against some truly terrible consequences. For one, your car may bottom out on rough roads, driveways, or crossings leading to damage on the underside of your vehicle. Your car may be extra bouncy, you may notice that your tires are very shaky when you drive, and you may also notice that your car is riding rough. Without repairing or replacing the shocks and struts you can cause considerable structural damage to your suspension that may cause even more damage that will need to be repaired.

Why Should I Have Shock and Strut Service at Rolling Hills Toyota?

Rolling Hills Toyota has a team of experienced and certified Toyota technicians that can quickly and easily repair and replace your shocks and struts while you wait in the comfort of the waiting area with complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, and even snacks and Wi-Fi. Your car is an asset and without it being in tip-top shape you may end up with a rougher ride than you ever imagined. Having shocks and struts repaired is a necessary part of owning a car and can mean the difference between a comfy ride and one you regret. Contact us today, our team can happily answer any questions.

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