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Radiator Service

Toyota Radiator Service

Radiator Service in St. Joseph, MO

Are you noticing a drop of fluid on the driveway every morning? Perhaps it seems like the hood of your car is warmer to the touch after a long commute to Savannah or Dearborn, MO. Taking care of your Toyota's coolant with a quick radiator service helps to ensure that your daily driver keeps running without suffering unforeseen damage from old coolant, cracked hoses, or a corroded radiator.

Why Does My Car need a Radiator Flush?

If your Toyota is older than five years, it is probably time to schedule a radiator service during your next routine maintenance visit. Over time your radiator can start to corrode and the coolant can break down, creating sludge in the bottom of your radiator. Your engine cannot cool itself as efficiently which can lead to the engine overheating and even seizing up. A flush and new coolant will extend the life of your water pump, the radiator, and your engine.

How Often Should I Schedule a Radiator Service?

Should you be driving a car that is older than ten years, it is recommended to have your coolant changed every 30,000 miles. Newer models arrive with coolant designed to last 100,000 miles, but at that point, you also need to check the radiator for leaks and corrosion. The radiator service adds an extra hour to your oil change but will help to avoid more costly repairs and keep your Toyota on the road longer.

Symptoms of a Clogged or Failing Radiator

The first sign that your coolant is due to be replaced is that your car will start to overheat while sitting in traffic. As time goes by, you may even notice that the temperature gauge rises more rapidly in the morning and struggles to maintain a cool temperature during a long commute. Drips of fluid under your car's grille is a sign that the radiator or the radiator hoses have sprung a leak. To avoid serious damage to your engine, schedule your radiator service as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Radiator Service at Rolling Hills Toyota in St. Joseph, MO

Our Toyota Certified Technicians are ready to take care of your radiator service quickly and have you back on the road faster than you might expect. Use our handy web form to select the time and day that fits into your busy schedule or you can always speak to one of our service advisors by giving the Service Department a call. We hope to make your wait stress free with available Wi-Fi, snacks, and beverages in our comfortable lounge.

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