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Power Steering Fluid Exchange SERVICE

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Toyota Power Steering Fluid in Missouri

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that allows for the transfer of power throughout the steering system. Power steering fluid is important because it allows you to turn your wheel easily. We will need to totally flush your old power steering fluid if it's too dark. Power steering fluid is normally a golden or reddish/pink color but when it starts to break down it will become darker and darker until it just can't do its job like before. If you do not flush your power steering system of all the old power steering fluid, some of the contaminated fluid will remain and when you put in new power steering fluid it will also become immediately contaminated.

Check Power Steering Fluid Monthly

It's a good idea to check your power steering fluid levels monthly at the reservoir to ensure that you have the proper amount and it isn't leaking out over time. Leaks are often caused by faulty O-rings and seals that deteriorate and allow the fluid to escape. Leaky power steering systems can cause damages to other parts and you will probably also find that it is harder to turn your steering wheel while driving. There might also be a "whining" sound that indicates a low fluid level.

Signs that you need a Power Steering Flush Service:

  • The power steering fluid needs topping off
  • You hear a whining sound from the power steering system
  • Choppy or Sloppy steering

Why Flush the Power Steering Fluid?

A flush is better than a simple change of the power steering fluid because it removes all of the old fluid and replaces it with clean genuine Toyota approved power steering fluid. A simple change without the flush protocol will drain the reservoir and might look empty, but we know at Rolling Hills Toyota service center that some of the contaminated power steering fluid remains in the pump and lines. The best way to know that you got the best power steering service is by scheduling service with our expert technicians.

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