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PCV Valve Replacement

Toyota PCV Valve Replacement

Toyota PCV Valve Replacement in St. Joseph, MO

Every Toyota car, minivan, SUV, and truck with an internal combustion engine is equipped with a PCV valve with one objective – return unburned fuel at the crankcase back to the engine. When the PCV valve is in good condition with optimum performance, the recycling of unburned fuel ultimately helps maximize fuel efficiency while also limiting the release of toxic fumes into the atmosphere.
However, the job of guiding toxic hydrocarbons back to the engine comes with the risk of carbon accumulation inside the PCV valve. If your vehicle has a clogged PCV valve or it has damages from excessive carbon buildup, you will need to schedule PCV valve replacement to restore engine performance and efficiency. At Rolling Hills Toyota, we provide unsurpassed PCV valve replacement for all Toyota makes and models from St. Joseph, MO, Savannah, MO, and Elwood, KS.

What is a PCV Valve?

PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation, and it is a one-way valve uniquely positioned at the crankcase and is responsible for recycling unburned fuel by returning it to the engine. The primary limitation of the PCV valve is that it directs unburned hydrocarbons that can clog the valve over time. If the valves get clogged with carbon deposits or get excessive wear or damage, it can result in poor engine performance and decreased fuel efficiency. If ignored, a faulty PCV valve can cause oil leaks with costly repairs.

What are the Warning Signs of a Defective PCV Valve?

When a PCV valve gets clogged or damaged, it can wreak havoc on the engine in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. If you notice any of the symptoms of a PCV valve problem, it is an excellent decision to schedule service as soon as possible to prevent damages. Here are the most common warning signs associated with a failing or defective PCV valve:

  • Leaking oil
  • Excessive oil consumption – oil requires repeated topping off
  • Filter is clogged or contaminated
  • Poor engine performance – reduced throttle response or surging under heavy fuel load
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
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