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Mass Airflow Sensor Service

Toyota Mass Airflow Sensor Service

Mass Airflow Sensor Service in St. Joseph, MO

Vehicles pull in air from the outside and filter it before it goes to the engine. The mass airflow sensor takes a measurement of the air that goes to the engine. It is a plastic tunnel that is round with a sensor inside it. An engine needs a specific combination of air and fuel for optimum performance. The car's computer calculates how much fuel is needed based on the sensor's reading. If you think there is something wrong with your mass airflow sensor, visit the experts at Rolling Hills Toyota.

Why Should I Have Mass Airflow Sensor Service?

When the mass airflow sensor is not working, the engine does not know the proper amount of fuel it needs. This causes problems like a decrease in power and poor gas mileage. The sensor gets dirty and may not be able to read the amount of air coming into the engine. Changing the air filter regularly helps to extend the life of the mass airflow sensor. When the mass airflow sensor begins failing, your check engine light may come on. You should have this checked right away.
If the check engine light flashes, this is a sign of a larger problem. You do not want to delay having this checked. When the sensor goes bad, your car may not have power or it does not start. You may also notice that you are using more gas than usual. If you do not have this checked and the mass airflow sensor replaced quickly, it could cause more costly repairs.

Why Rolling Hills Toyota?

Rolling Hills Toyota has been providing superior customer service to the communities of St. Joseph, Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron, Missouri for years. Their customers are their number one priority. They prove that not only with their superior customer service but with their dedication and service to the community. All of their technicians are Toyota certified, so you know your vehicle is in capable hands.
Their award-winning service department handles all of your vehicle's needs. They make you as comfortable as possible when having your vehicle serviced. They understand that your time is valuable and service your vehicle as quickly as possible. When you do have to wait for your vehicle, their comfortable waiting room awaits you with free WiFi, coffee, tea, water, and snacks. Visit Rolling Hills Toyota today and speak with one of their experts about your vehicle.

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