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Toyota Synthetic Oil Change Service Special Coupon

Full Synthetic Oil & Filter Change in St. Joseph, MO

Synthetic Oil in your world-class Toyota vehicle does an important job of keeping your engine lubricated and cool. Your synthetic oil circulates through the engine and is constantly facing extreme, pressure and heat. One of the most important advancements made in full synthetic oil is that it resists sludge formation better than conventional and tends to last longer. Even though full synthetic oil helps extend how often you will need an oil change service, it will eventually start to break down and lose its ability to do its job properly. This and more services are available at discounted costs on our service & parts specials page.

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Engine Wear Protection with Full Synthetic

Engine parts move and are in constant contact with other parts to generate intense friction and heat. In the extreme environment inside your engine, parts wear out and break down. Your full synthetic oil is the protective barrier between these parts. Full synthetic oil is preferred among many Toyota owners to conventional because of the advancements in the technology. Full synthetic oil has the advantage of several additives and detergents that offer you the maximum oil life possible. But your full synthetic oil won't last forever. Driving factors like doing much stop-and-go driving, heavy towing, or hauling heavy loads will make your engine oil work harder. As your synthetic oil breaks down, the oil is unable to lubricate your engine parts properly. Genuine Toyota approved full synthetic oils can retain their protective properties for much longer, which increases your engine's life.

  • Oil change maintenance light is on
  • Check engine light is on
  • Your engine oil is dark, sludgy, and/or gritty
  • You've driven beyond the recommended oil change service interval

Schedule a Toyota Full Synthetic Oil Change Service

If you know that you need your synthetic oil changed or if you are experiencing any of the signs of old engine oil, then it?s the right time to get that taken care of. Schedule an appointment today at Rolling Hills Toyota of St. Joseph to have one of our expert technicians remove your old oil and filter and replace them with a genuine Toyota approved oil and filter from our parts department.

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