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Four-Wheel Alignment Service

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Maintaining Wheel Alignment in St. Joesph, MO

Vehicles have a suspension system that includes the wheels, where the tire rubber meets the road. Wheel alignment refers to the angles of the suspension system. When your wheels are in alignment, the angles cause opposing wheels to be parallel to each other while being perpendicular to the road. When all four wheels are aligned, you get the best driving experience, longest tire life, and maximum safety. As your vehicle accumulates more miles, wheel angles can get out of alignment from hitting roadway bumps, nudging curbs, or a collision. At Rolling Hills Toyota, we recommend scheduling a regular four-wheel alignment service as outlined in the owner's manual to ensure all four wheels are in perfect alignment. This will give you the benefits of maximum tire life, vehicle dependability, reduced tire replacement costs, and maximum safety.

How to Know if I Need Four-Wheel Alignment Service?

Tire misalignment can be minor or major and can cause symptoms that range from undetectable to obviously needs to be fixed. We have a list of the potential warning signs that your tires can benefit from a four-wheel alignment service. If you are currently experiencing any of the warning signs below, we encourage you to schedule a four-wheel alignment service soon:

  • Vibration or shaking at the front end of your vehicle
  • Crooked steering wheel when driving straight
  • Uneven tire tread wear
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while driving
  • You have driven beyond the wheel alignment service interval

Ignoring any of these signs is a bad idea. The benefits offered by a regular four-wheel alignment service far outweigh the consequences of badly aligned wheels.

Genuine Toyota Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Four-wheel alignment service starts with a Toyota service center and computerized diagnostic equipment that can precisely measure your wheel angles and correct the camber, caster, and toe perfectly. You will know when service is finished that every tire is meeting the road just like it should give you a smooth ride with maximum safety. Rolling Hills Toyota is conveniently located in St. Joseph within a short drive from Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron, Missouri.

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