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EGR Valve service

Toyota EGR Valve Service

The Importance Of Regular EGR Valve Servicing And Maintenance

The ERG (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve helps reduce your Toyota’s output of dangerous emissions. It does this by recirculating your exhaust through the engine a second time exposing it to further processing reducing the number of nitrogen oxides in your car’s emissions. Regular EGR valve servicing keeps your car's emission control system working properly.

Why You Should Have EGR Valve Service

Over time your Toyota’s EGR valve collects build-up, sludge, and other debris due to its filtering of your car’s exhaust. This build-up can clog the EGR valve and can also cause this ‘sludge’ to collect in your engine. In general, you should have your EGR Valve serviced and cleaned every 50,000 miles to ensure it is operating correctly with perform valve replacements as needed. A clogged EGR Valve not only increases the number of toxic emissions your car releases it can also cause it to fail various emission tests.

What Happens When You Don’t Perform EGR Valve Service

Without regular maintenance, your EGR valve collects various debris due to cycling your car’s exhaust. Over time, this can lead to different issues that reduce your car’s performance and reliability. Many Toyotas will display a check engine light if the EGR valve is not operating correctly.

One of the most common symptoms is a negative impact on your engine performance your car can stall, idle oddly, and have random jumps when you first start it or when driving at lower speeds. Another issue you may encounter is loud noises from the engine which is a sign of the engine knocking which if left uncorrected can damage the engine leading to expensive repairs.

Rolling Hills Toyota Service Center

Regular EGR valve service keeps your car running smoothly and also helps the environment. When looking for EGR valve servicing you want to sue experts who understand the specific needs of Toyota automobiles and their systems. Rolling Hills Toyota is a community involved dealership that offers Toyota certified technicians who are specially trained to work on Toyota brand automobiles. Their comfortable waiting area includes amenities such as free WiFi, tea, bottled water, hot chocolate, premium coffee, and snacks. If you live in St. Joseph MO or the nearby communities of Dearborn, Cameron, and Savannah contact Rolling Hills Toyota today for more information.

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