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CV Joint Inspection & Replacement Service

Toyota CV Joint Inspection & Replacement Service

Toyota CV Joint Inspection & Replacement Service in St. Joseph, MO

Every front-wheel-drive Toyota model has a CV joint positioned at the end of the driveshaft. There is an outer and inner CV joint with the inner connecting the transmission to the driveshaft and the outer connecting the wheels to the driveshaft.

How the CV Joint Works

The purpose of the CV joint is to distribute engine torque into the wheels from the transmission. When CV joints are in good condition, the drive wheels travel at a constant speed. The joints also help with handling as they work moving up and down given the terrain.
Given the constant stress that these joints handle, they are prone to wear and tear. They can last the entire life of a Toyota; however, they have a protective boot that if damaged, will allow grease to leak out. Without lubricating grease, the CV joint will face friction and imminent damage. Inspection is vital because it will detect a worn boot before it causes damage. At Rolling Hills Toyota, we proudly provide CV joint inspection and replacement service at our Service Department in St. Joseph, MO near Elwood, KS, and Savannah, MO.

Warning Signs of a Failing CV Joint

At Rolling Hills Toyota, we always remind our customers that a damaged or defective joint is a safety concern. We never recommend driving your vehicle with a broken CV joint. If you notice any of the warning signs of a failing CV joint, you can give us a call, and we will help guide you in what to do next.
Here are the most common warning signs of a CV joint problem:

  • Loud clicking sound when cornering
  • Grease on the edge of the tire
  • Vibration or shaking while driving
  • Bouncy driving

Rolling Hills Toyota CV Joint Service

At Rolling Hills Toyota, every service begins with an inspection from a Highly Trained and Certified Technician. They will look for excessive wear or damages with the goal of maximum safety in mind. If the inspection reveals an excessively worn component or damaged boot, the CV joint will require repair or replacement. Every replacement includes an OEM Part from our Part Department. Rest assured that we will do whatever is needed to restore peak performance and maximum safety to your vehicle.

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