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Coolant Fluid Exchange SERVICE

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Know How Your Cooling System functions in St. Joseph, MO

Internal combustion engines generate intense heat that must be dissipated away from the engine to help keep the moving parts cool. If the engine gets too hot, the moving parts can get damaged and might even seize up. The cooling system is what does the job of removing heat from the engine as it burns fuel and powers your vehicle. The cooling system is complex with several vital components that work together to get the job done including coolant fluid, water pump, fan, radiator, thermostat, and hoses. Coolant Fluid is generally considered the weakest link in your coolant system because it gets contaminated over time and needs to be exchanged. If the coolant fluid becomes contaminated, a crack causes fluid to leak, or one of the parts becomes faulty, the cooling system won't be able to function properly. If this happens, your engine will start to shows symptoms of a cooling system problem.

Symptoms of a Cooling System Problem

Developing a problem with your cooling system is a serious threat to your vehicle because an overheating engine will have a shorter life defined by damages and eventually total failure. That's why at Rolling Hills Toyota, we strongly recommend scheduling cooling system service if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of a cooling system problem:

  • Low coolant fluid that needs constant topping off
  • Coolant fluid leaking
  • The engine is running hotter than usual
  • Engine overheats

What is Included in a Cooling System Service?

Every cooling system service at Rolling Hills Toyota begins with a Toyota certified technician that knows your vehicle and the recommended service protocol inside and out. The cooling system will be inspected to determine the root cause of the problem. The core problem will then get an exchange, repair, or replacement depending upon the problem and the best way to restore it to factory specifications. Coolant fluid exchange service removes your contaminated coolant fluid and replaces it with genuine Toyota approved coolant fluid from our parts center.

Expert Service & Convenient Location

Rolling Hills Toyota is conveniently located in St. Joseph within a short drive for most Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron residents. If you own a Toyota and live in the region, Rolling Hills Toyota offers the best cooling system service as a part of our service specials program. As a community-involved dealership, we invite you to schedule service, relax in the comfortable waiting area, grab a premium coffee, hot chocolate, tea, bottled water, and a snack, plug into the free WIFI, and let our Toyota certified technician do the hard work of restoring your cooling system to factory specifications.

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