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Brake Pad Replacement Service

Toyota Brake Pad Replacement Service

Brake Pad Replacement Service in St. Joseph, MO

There is little doubt that Toyota manufactures some of the most durable and long-lasting brake pads; however, modern engineering has yet to find out how to make brake pads last forever. Brake pad engineering is somewhat of an anomaly because they are purposefully designed to wear to prevent damage to the brake rotor. The degree of wear over time depends upon a variety of driving factors, such as mileage, stop-and-go traffic, driving frequent short distances, habitual hard stopping, or hauling heavier loads. For example, those Toyota drivers doing everyday city driving versus freeway commuting will experience more rapid wear on the brake pads.

Warning Signs of Defective Brake Pads

When the brake pads’ metallic composite material is nearly gone, most modern brake pads have a safety device that will emit a warning sound that is usually a loud screech. Additionally, if the brake pads wear down entirely, the noise will be more like a screeching or metal-on-metal grinding. Outside of annoying noises, defective brake pads will start impacting stopping power performance. Here is a list of the most common warning signs associated with defective brake pads signaling you to schedule a brake pad replacement service that reestablishes powerful braking and passenger safety:

  • Brake system warning light is on
  • Annoying brake noises
  • Vehicle pulls while braking
  • Pungent burnt smell

Toyota Pro Tip: Strategies to Help Brake Pads Last Longer

By adopting these driving habits, you can decrease the stress on the brake system and brake pads. Using these simple strategies can help you lengthen the service life of your brake pads while also minimizing operating costs associated with brake pad replacement:

  • Use one foot for both pedals; double-foot braking wears brake pads faster
  • Coast to stop rather than hard stopping
  • Keep a greater space between your car and the one in front of you
  • Remove unneeded objects from the vehicle to reduce operating weight
  • Use routes with fewer stops

Brake Pad Replacement Service in St. Joseph, MO

Since knowing exactly when to schedule a brake pad replacement service is an indeterminate science, we encourage all of our customers to monitor their vehicles during stopping for any warning signs associated with faulty brake pads. Rolling Hills Toyota is conveniently located in St. Joseph, MO near Savannah, Dearborn, and Cameron.

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