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Battery Testing & Inspection SERVICE

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Your Battery Performance in St. Joseph, MO

Automotive batteries provide the electrical current to the starter that starts your engine. After the engine starts and is running, the power for the electrical components is supplied by the alternator. Auto batteries are also rechargeable but will start to lose their ability to hold a charge over time. One of the most threatening factors for your vehicle's battery is exposure to extreme heat and cold temperatures. As the summer heat in St. Joseph starts to change into a cold winter, it is the best time of the year to get a Toyota battery performance testing scheduled at our service center. There's nothing worse than going out to start your engine on a frigid winter morning only to find out that your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

Battery Performance Testing

Every Battery Performance Test at Rolling Hills Toyota is completed by an expert technician with special equipment and service protocol. To confirm that there is something wrong with your battery, a multimeter is required to test the voltage leaving the battery at the electrodes. The multimeter is set to 20 volts and connected to the positive and negative terminals. If your battery is holding more than 12 volts while your vehicle is turned off then your battery is holding a full charge. However, if your battery's voltage drops below 12 volts while the engine is turning over, then your battery has become faulty and will need replacement service.

Signs of a Faulty or Dead Battery

  • Difficulty starting
  • Slow cranking
  • You turn the ignition and nothing happens
  • Your check battery light is on

Genuine Toyota Approved Battery Replacement

Your battery's performance is so important you just can't accept any generic aftermarket replacement. If your battery is on the fritz, we recommend a genuine Toyota approved battery that has been rigorously tested for fit and performance from our parts center. Most cheap aftermarket batteries have been manufactured with questionable material specifications and might not even work right. Save yourself some money on most services with our valuable service & parts specials. The best way to know that you got a good strong battery that will last a long time is with a Genuine Toyota approved battery replacement.

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